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Common Indoor Plant Myths You Should Know About

Published on July 21 , 2020
Common Indoor Plant Myths You Should Know About

Keeping indoor plants or flower plants at your place will spread positive vibes, also reduces stress & tension. Whenever a relative, colleague, friend, or anyone visits you, the potted flowers & plants will make them happy because flower plants are eye-soothing.

Common Indoor Plant Myths You Should Know About

You have seen or hear the negative things about plotting plants & flowers in your house. Many myths are rolling on the internet and from there many people start trusting them. Not all things are correct.
Take a look at these myths; maybe one of these has taken place in your mind. Scroll down to clear all the incorrect things that stop you from keeping flower plants in your house.

1) Indoor plants need water frequently

As we all know plants love water & also live on the water but wait! Indoor flower plants don’t need constant water supply and this will make your plant weaker or maybe kill it early. Plants need nutrients from the soil and constant water supply makes it difficult for a plant to get those nutrients.

There are many plants that get moist from their soil and many need water but not constantly. So clear this myth from your mind and don’t provide water to your indoor plant frequently because most indoor flower plants & indoor plants need to be dry.

2) Fertilizing is important to grow indoor plants

The most important thing that plants need is water (insufficient amount), sunlight, and fresh air to grow. The fertilizing process will increase the speed of growth but it’s better to let them grow naturally without feeding any fertilizer or chemical.

Fertilizing process is very difficult; you should have to be sure about the right amount and time of doing it because one mistake can destroy your plant. The way an indoor plant grows naturally will give you the peace you will care for them like your child.

3) Indoor plants are not safe for kids & pets

Some of the plant's bread is dangerous or toxic if get in contact or consumed by the human body. But not all the plants are dangerous to pot inside the house. But you can easily maintain these plants too by just making sure of the distance between these plants and kids.

Pets are well known or can observe what can harm them or what not, so they will not come in the contact with the types of things that are dangerous to them.

Getting raised with the green environment is very beneficial for your kids, but making a distance from dangerous ones should be your first priority.

4) Plants can easily treated as objects

Plants are living things; you cannot put them here and there in any condition like an object, they need care & proper maintenance. Watching a plant growing is like watching your kid growing.

If you have plants in your house, you are well known to the relationship you have with them, the care you give them, talk to them or sometimes stare at them. These are the things that show a plant can never be treated as an object.

5) It will take more time and struggle to revive a plant

There are very less chances where you have seen a plant unwell, but things can happen and go worse. If this type of situation lands on you, just leave it and see from a distance because in this condition the best you can do is not to do anything. If you will do anything there are more chances of killing a plant as they are very sensitive.

If you feel your plant is getting weaker make a routine of providing sufficient light, water, and air. Adjust your plant according to requirements.

Sometimes a plant can go in a worse condition as if you put a figure on it the next scene can be it is last. So leave it alone till it revives itself.

Making changes into your plant regularly is one of the biggest reasons for its destruction. Just make it simple and provide a proper diet of light, sir, and water.

6) Bigger pot means the better growth of plant

A plant grows perfectly when its roots fill up the most mart of the pot. Don’t go for the bigger pot; get a pot that is sufficient for the growth of your plant. Sometimes pots can make flowers & plants more beautiful because some plants look cool when potted in a big pot and some are made for a smaller one.

7) Plants release carbon dioxide so don’t put them in your room

This is the incorrect statement because you are not in a forest it’s just a plant and your house is not 100% airtight. So, you don’t have to afraid of this myth, keeping plants in your room will give positive vibes and freshness. You get up in the morning and plants will make your mind calm and stress-free.

8) Indoor plants die in winters

Indoor plants or flower plants will grow without any problem throughout the year if proper care is given. They will live a whole year only when you provide them proper sunlight and fresh air.

I hope these points will help you in making your indoor house plant more beautiful and healthy. If you are new to this process, keep these points in mind, and rest you will see in the growth of your plant.

Go green with Richrose

Richrose offers a beautiful and fresh range of indoor flower plants in UAE to enhance the beauty of your houses. The view that a bunch of flowers or a plant can make in your house, it will de-stress you, provide fresh air and also brings positivity that is good for the house and the visitors.

Go green and go for the fresh plants or flower plants and make your house a better place for you and your family members because plants can change every negative mood into positive.

You can also send indoor flower plants to your loved ones from the online flower plant delivery service in Dubai by Richrose.

Published on July 21 , 2020

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