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Birth Month Flowers and Their Meanings

Published on August 27 , 2020
Birth Month Flowers and Their Meanings

Flowers are the best way to say or express anything to your loved one as compared to confess things on the messages and phone calls. Floriography is known as the language of flowers that was very trendy in the late 18th and 19th centuries. Now we have many convenient ways to tell someone something that includes messaging, phone calls, emails, and many more but a message card with fresh and beautiful flower bouquet & Flower Box is a unique way and it will be forever. Every flower has its meaning and every month is connected with a different flower.

Let dive into the different birth month flowers as they convey different messages & emotions. So keep updated for the next time when you will send the flower bouquet to your loved one.

January: Birth flower is carnation and snowdrop

Carnation Flower is known for its admiration, deep love, affection, purity, luck, and gratitude. January also is known for the winter & carnations are one of the few flowers that can bloom in heavy winters, also known as gillyflower. They look simple but gorgeous at the same time which makes them beautiful and when embedded in a flower bouquet, they are spectacular.

Snowdrops are also blooming in the beautiful winter months normally from January to March depending on the location. Snowdrops symbolize hope & rebirth.

February: Birth flower is primrose

February birth floweris primrose, while red roses are also connected to the February month because of the lover’s Valentine’s Day that celebrates on 14th February. Primrose is the symbol of modesty, spiritual wisdom, faithfulness, and humility. You can gift a custom designed Massouri Rock Rose Flower Bouquet to your loved ones on occasions like marriage anniversary, any normal family function, or any spiritual function.

These flowers can add a colorful and gorgeous touch that will bring a big smile on the recipient’s face. They also symbolize the love so you can add up this flower bouquet & Flower Boxes to your date that will make the moment romantic and memorable.

March: Birth flower is Daffodil

March birththay flower is Daffodil and it symbolizes the new beginning, vanity, good luck, prosperity, faithfulness. Eye-catchy yellow daffodils are very pretty that welcomes the first month of the beautiful spring season. The little sun type flower represents unconditional love and tells the couples to make their relationship like the beautiful sunshine. Daffodils are available in different colors that include white, orange and pale yellow.

April: Daisy & sweet pea are birth flowers

Daisy & sweet pea are the two beautiful flowers for the April month that symbolize purity, innocence, fertility, motherhood, and transformation. It represents the pure relationship whether it’s a relation of mother-son, Wife-husband, brother-sister, etc. Love should be pure in any relationship because trustworthy partners can live life together peacefully and romantically.

May: Birth month flower is lily

The May month is of lily flower of the valley that looks beautiful and unique. Lily is white in color and green stem that signifies sweetness, humility, motherhood, and chastity. If you are going to celebrating your mother’s birthday with Hanoi lily flower bouquet & Boxes would be the great option as a gift for her. A custom designed cake, a card with the cute message and a lily flower bouquet will bring a smile on her face.

June: Roses are for June

Roses are the known best for the people who are born in June. Rose flower has a direct relation with the love so that they are also kept in mind on 14th February for Valentine’s Day. There are more than 100 types of roses available on this planet depending upon the different types of locations they are grown. Different colors of roses carry different meanings and thoughts but most of the people see roses as a symbol of love & devotion.

Your loved one will feel so good when you present her a Blissful Martinie Rose Flower Bouquet & Rose Flower Boxes on her special occasion. Rose is also taken seriously when you will plan to confess your love to your beloved.

July: Larkspur

Larkspur & water lily are the two flowers of July month that symbolize positivity, open heart, dignity, grace, and first love. Larkspur flowers are available in the beautiful color that includes indigo, purple, white, and pink and all are known for the love & positivity but some have other different meanings. Pink one represents the fickleness while white is known for the happiness and joy.

August: Gladiolus & poppy

Gladiolus & Poppy is the flowers of August and symbolizes the strength of character, faithfulness, integrity, infatuation, and persistence. Gladiolus & Poppy Flowers is known as the sword lily in some countries because of its skinny shape. This flower comes in various colors including red, orange, yellow, purple, and white.

September: Aster

September birth flowers are aster & morning glory also known as frost flowers. Aster is the symbol of all-power love, affection, and wisdom. Like other flowers, aster is also available in many colors but mostly found in pink, white, red, or lilac blooms. It also symbolizes royalty.

October: Marigold

October birth flower is Marigold and some say cosmos also an October flower. The beautiful golden blooms match the color of autumn leaves that’s why marigold is the best for the October month of autumn. It symbolizes passion, creativity, drives to succeed, & desire for wealth. It is also used traditionally as a medicine to cure skin problems.

November: flower is Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is the flower of November month and symbolizes honesty, love, deep passion, and gets well wishes. They are available in different sizes and colors depending upon the locations. Mostly colors that people prefer are pink, white, yellow, and red ones.

December: Narcissus

December birth flower is the narcissus that is the symbol of good wishes, hope, and wealth. They are known for their beautiful trumpet-like center. Narcissus flowers are commonly gist as wreath instead of a traditional flower bouquet.

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Published on August 27 , 2020

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